Westport United

Founded 1911

Co. Mayo




Week 1: W-E 30th / 31st October 2021

Leicester City v Arsenal 

Burnley v Brentford 

Liverpool v Brighton  

Manchester City v Crystal Palace

Newcastle United v Chelsea 

Watford v Southampton 

Tottenham v Manchester United

Norwich City v Leeds United 

Aston Villa v West Ham United 

Wolves v Everton


Week 2: W-E 6th / 7th November 2021

Southampton v Aston Villa 

Manchester United v Manchester City

Brentford v Norwich City 

Chelsea v Burnley 

Crystal Palace v Wolves 

Brighton v Newcastle Utd 

Arsenal v Watford 

Everton v Tottenham Hotspur 

Leeds United v Leicester City 

West Ham United v Liverpool


Week 3: W-E 20th / 21st Nov 2021

Leicester City v Chelsea 

Aston Villa v Brighton 

Burnley v Crystal Palace 

Newcastle United v Brentford 

Norwich City v Southampton 

Watford v Manchester United 

Wolves v West Ham United 

Liverpool v Arsenal 

Manchester City v Everton 

Tottenham Hotspur v Leeds United


Week 4: W-E 27th / 28th Nov 2021

Arsenal v Newcastle United 

Crystal Palace v Aston Villa 

Liverpool v Southampton 

Norwich City v Wolves 

Brighton v Leeds United 

Brentford v Everton 

Burnley v Tottenham Hotspur 

Leicester City v Watford 

Manchester City v West Ham United

Chelsea v Manchester United


Week 5: M-W 30th Nov / 1st Dec 2021

Aston Villa v Manchester City 

Everton v Liverpool 

Leeds United v Crystal Palace 

Watford v Chelsea 

West Ham United v Brighton  

Wolves v Burnley 

Manchester United v Arsenal 

Newcastle United v Norwich City

Southampton v Leicester City 

Tottenham Hotspur v Brentford


Week 6: W-E 4th / 5th Dec 2021

Aston Villa v Leicester City 

Everton v Arsenal 

Leeds United v Brentford 

Manchester United v Crystal Palace

Newcastle United v Burnley 

Southampton v Brighton  

Tottenham Hotspur v Norwich City

Watford v Manchester City 

West Ham United v Chelsea 

Wolves v Liverpool


Week 7: W-E 11th / 12th Dec 2021

Arsenal v Southampton 

Brentford v Watford 

Brighton v Tottenham Hotspur 

Burnley v West Ham United 

Chelsea v Leeds United 

Crystal Palace v Everton 

Leicester City v Newcastle United

Liverpool v Aston Villa 

Manchester City v Wolves 

Norwich City v Manchester United


Week 8: M-W 14th / 15th Dec 2021

Arsenal v West Ham United 

Brentford v Manchester United 

Brighton v Wolves 

Burnley v Watford 

Leicester City v Tottenham Hotspur

Norwich City v Aston Villa 

Crystal Palace v Southampton 

Chelsea v Everton 

Liverpool v Newcastle United 

Manchester City v Leeds United


Rules of Last Man Standing: 

1. You can only pick the same team once in any competition.

2. Your team has to win to go into the next round; Draw or loss and you’re out! 

3. The team selection is taken from the Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon Premier matches. Tuesday & Wednesday games where applicable. 

4. In the event of your selection game being Postponed you will automatically be assigned the first available team in “alphabetical order after your weekly pick”. 

5. In the event of a tie (the last two or more falling On the same round of fixtures) the prize pool will be divided out amongst the last remaining people. 

6. No selections will be accepted without payment In advance of €10.00 

7. All disputes will be adjudicated by the committee And their decision will be binding and final. 

8. All entrants are advised to cut sheet in half. Return weekly selection sheet and duplicate weekly Picks in adjacent sheet to be retained by entrants. 

9. All entrants are advised to provide e-mail address. Weekly information e-mail will be issued to update All entrants. 

Note: FA Cup Semi-finals take place Week 3: W/E 17th/18th April with the FA Cup final taking place W/E 8: 15th/16th May. Please avoid picking FA Cup Semi-finalists and FA Cup finalists on these dates


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